Max Grusky

Computer Science PhD student at Cornell University

Representative Random Walks

By shortening and lengthening its individual segments in accordance with an underlying target image, a random walk can reproduce a target image. Companion to paper in Bridges 2016.

Composing Four-Part Harmony with Integer Programming

An integer programming model using the rules of harmonic progressions, voice leading, and chord composition can harmonize melodies or voice harmonic progressions with optimally smooth four-part harmony.

Measuring the Prevalence and Effectiveness of Browser Fingerprinting

By scanning JavaScript files of the Alexa top 1,000 sites and collecting browser information for approximately 310,000 web users allows, it is possible to evaluate the usefulness of browser fingerprinting as a method of tracking users and determine ways to avoid being tracked.

Secret Santa and Optimal Gift Exchanges

Using an integer programming formulation to represent secret Santa exchanges as a set of constraints allows for a non-randomly assigned gift exchange that maximizes compatibility between gift-givers and gift-receivers.

Examining Racism in Ferguson Tweets

Using sentiment analysis and clustering to connect themes and emotions of Twitter users discussing the Ferguson, Missouri protests the followed the police shooting of Michael Brown in August 2014.